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Moving Tips
1. Personally pack all high value papers, coin and stamp collections, expensive jewelry, passports, money, stocks, bonds, etc. You should move these items.
2. Check your shipment for and dispose of flammables, aerosols, bleach, ammunition or any other combustible or corrosive material, which may endanger your shipment. We are not allowed to transport these items. We also cannot ship propane tanks of any kind.
3. Check all containers and verify they are sealed labeled as to their contents.
4. Make sure all boxes have an inventory sticker affixed to the box and the driver has listed all boxes on the inventory.
5. Make sure all furniture pieces have an inventory number affixed to the piece.
6. Check all closets, basement, attics, storage sheds, and garages prior to your driver leaving to make sure all items are on the truck.
7. Check off your own shipment at destination to be sure each and every carton and each and every piece of furniture did in fact arrive at your location.
8. If you will be moving into storage it is imperative you allow us a minimum of ten days notification for delivery of your.
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